Ripple Effect endeavours to embody an ethos of conscious living, holistic health and plant-based nutrition. 


We produce a range of immunity products and deliver organic vegetable boxes, including a range of organic fruits, grains and groceries.

Our Ethos

Ripple Effect is a sustainable catering company that focuses on seasonal plants, wild game and ethically caught fish.

We believe cooking is a form of meditation and therefore always set positive intentions when we purchase, prepare and present our food.


We are committed to maximising a positive impact on the environment therefore all food waste is composted and we recycle whenever we can. 

We always use compostable and biodegradable disposables

during all of our events.

Our Aim

 We believe the more plant-based meals eaten, the greater the positive effect on our personal health and that of the environment. 

Through new and exciting taste experiences our aim is to leave you feeling nourished and enriched, transcending all layers of mind, body & soul.

We wish to spread the ripple effect of health by educating, inspiring and transforming the world around us.

​Hopefully inspiring you to prepare more plant-based meals at home, spreading the ripple effect of health, one mouthful at a time.

Our Dream

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

- Nelson Mandela

Our dream is for the recipes we have created to inspire those around us to be more mindful of the choices they make with the food on their plate.

To connect with their food through conscious decisions at the supermarket or by growing their own at home.


We want to see more individuals share their positive experiences of health-conscious living - inspiring others to join them - spreading the ripple effect towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly food production.

Kim Grey

Bonkoi Gathering

Cape Town

Thanks for everything during the rollercoaster ride - you guys knocked it out the park! You are top of my list for high-vibe catering.

Parisha Chetty

TigerMoon Retreat


Every dish was delicious and a taste sensation. Thank you for adding your magic to the weekend!

Sandra & Michael

Pre- Wedding Dinner

Cape Town

Everyone absolutely loved the food, we received so many compliments from our guests. 

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