Immunity Range

Launching a new range of natural, plant-based, eco-friendly products.


Curated with scientifically-proven properties to help strengthen your immunity, something everyone should be more mindful of over the coming months.

Our range includes:

- Alcohol-Based Sanitisers 

- Health Tonics 

- Immune-Boosting Elixirs

ORganic Food

We have a range of ethical, organic general groceries, including eggs, honey, nuts, grains and pulses. 

We also offer a weekly organic veg box delivery service that come in either "regular" or "family" sizes.


All the veg is sustainably produced, grown within the Cape and harvested close to delivery so it's eco-friendly, local and super fresh!

Plant-based Meals

We offer a plant-based, meal delivery service, which you can order as a weekly package or on an individual meal basis.

All our dishes are nutritious, delicious and packed full of life & love, taking all the hassle out of cooking at home.

Private Catering

We offer a catering service for private parties including birthdays, weddings or an intimate dinner party for a few close friends.

We also specialise in health retreats where we can cater for an event of any size or kind.

Whilst we have an ethos of plant-based living we are happy to curate a more conventional menu with the inclusion of ethically-caught fish and wild game.

Tel: +27 (65) 732 7878   -   +27 (79) 136 0479